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kSearch Website Search Engine is available in ZIP formats and may be downloaded free. You have permission to redistribute it, share it with friends, and copy it to your cloud backup drive. Open the PDF and print. Enjoy!

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For beginners to expert webmasters kSearch is the easiest website search engine to integrate, implement and use. kSearch is fully customizable - you can add or remove any features you want, without permission. kSearch is Open Source Software. kSearch doesn't display forced advertisements (unless you want them there). kSearch doesn't have to rely or depend upon on "other" search engines to display your website content. There are NO PAGE LIMITS or inherent Page restrictions with kSearch - you can allow kSearch to index 1 page, or one million pages. You can have more than one kSearch engine on your website. kSearch doesn't require a MySQL database - it utilizes either a flat-file database (included) or a DBM database (inherent in Perl). And best of all ... kSearch is a FREE website search engine.

Please read the kSearch Frequently Asked Questions before installing kSearch (or sending me questions).

Also see kSearch Tips for general and advannced settings/use.

What's new in version 1.6?

kSearch 1.6 has the same appearance, design and layout of kSearch 1.5, except that the graphical links at the bottom of the Seach Results page have been removed. Also the Perl script has a couple modifications now allowing for a new NOSEARCH tag. The NOSEARCH tag allows webmasters to prevent the Indexer from searching certain parts of a webpage simply by inserting a beginning and ending NOSEARCH script. An upgrade to version 1.6 is now available. After downloading a copy, begin by reading and following the Installation Instructions in the readme.txt file, then review the faqs.html file for additional technical info.

  • Added feature to allow no searching of HTML between tagged text using NOSEARCH:
    <!--nosearch--> Anything between in this section will not be searched. <!--/nosearch-->
  • Changed recommended default file permissions for database folder and files.
  • Changed default setting for Use DBM module to "0".
  • Changed default Show Matches to "10" in configuration.pl
  • Removed image links at bottom of kSearch HTML pages.
  • Changed default Translate Charactes in configuration.pl to "0".

Download ZIP file kSearch 1.6  |  kSearch 1.6 UTF-8 w/BOM  |  kSearch 1.6 UPGRADE  |  kSearch Client-Side 1.0