XML Sitemap Generator for Mobile Websites

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XML Mobile Website Sitemap Generator


This XML Mobile Website Sitemap.xml Generator is written in PHP, free to download, and for use on your Mobile website. It's easy to use, no database needed, you control what files are included or excluded in the XML Sitemap, written for flat-file directories. This Mobile Sitemap Generator includes auto-preview, create feature, and styled XML output.

NOTE: don't use this sitemap generator for desktop website versions. Not for use on non-mobile sites. Use the XML Sitemap Generator instead.

Output is XML version 1.0 with UTF-8 encoding and complies with Google and Schemas.org mobile sitemap requirements.

The Mobile Website XML Sitemap Generator will read all the files in your directories. You can select and configure what files, folders, and extensions you want it to read or ignore.

Simply upload (1) the Sitemap Generator and (2) the XSL stylesheet to your server root, access the PHP file, preview the files it's about to index, click Create, and you're done.

**Note: if you don't want your sitemap styled, don't upload the included "sitemal.xsl" file.


1. Download the package below (ZIP file)

2. Extract and open the 'mobile-sitemap-generator.php' file with a text editor (I recommend using Notepad++).

3. Edit the following lines (IMPORTANT):

  • Line 8: list the file extensions to include in your sitemap.
  • Line 11: list file names to ignore/filter.
  • Line 14: list folder names to ignore/filter.
  • Line 17: list files/folders to filter by name type
  • Line 232: change the URL to your website
  • Line 260: confirm the file name of the XML Sitemap to create (sitemap.xml)
  • Line 371: change the URL to match your website

(If somehow you screw up while editing, feel free to come back and re-download this package. I've included the URL to this page in Line 2 of the PHP file, for future reference.)

4. Upload both 'mobile-sitemap-generator.php' and 'sitemap.xsl' files to your server root directory.

5. Open a web browser and access the mobile-sitemap-generator.php file from your website.

6. Files will be listed in alphabetical order. Select the ones you want to include in your sitemap.xml file, un-check all the others.

7. Click "Create XML Sitemap" button. A new sitemap.xml file will be written to the same directory you're currently in, and you should now be looking at the styled sitemap.

8. You're done. Any time you later make changes to your file system, simply access the mobile-sitemap-generator.php file through a browser and create a new sitemap.

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