Nitrox Scuba Diving Calculator

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The Recreational Nitrox Calculator is a tool for divers to calculate various diving related parameters when diving on air or Nitrox and is designed to run on PCs running Windows operating systems. It accepts the following user inputs, which are restricted to the recreational limits shown:

  • The oxygen percentage (O2%) between 21% and 40%
  • Maximum O2 partial pressure (PO2) between 1.0 and 1.4 ata (1.6 ata contingency)
  • Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) to 40 metres 130 ft (40 meters)
Nitrox Calculator Software screenshot
Nitrox Calculator Software, sample

Given any two of the above parameters the third can be calculated and the tool is arranged into three separate calculators as follows:

  • Input O2% and PO2 to calculate MOD
  • Input MOD and PO2 to calculate O2%
  • Input MOD and O2% to calculate PO2

The tool will also give the following parameters for each calculator:

  • The Equivalent Air Depth (EAD)
  • The percentage of nitrogen in the mix (N2%)
  • Maximum nitrogen partial pressure (PN2) – (i.e. at the MOD)
  • Maximum ambient pressure (AP) – (i.e. at the MOD)

The first two calculators are the most useful. Normally the max PO2 would be left at the default value of 1.4 ata; the maximum partial pressure limit for enriched air diving. The first calculator will give the maximum depth for a given Nitrox blend whilst the second calculator will give the maximum oxygen percentage for a given depth. The third calculator has been added for completeness, allowing the calculation of the PO2 for given MOD and O2% values.

Download, unzip and save the tool to a suitable location on your computer. Go into the "Recreational Nitrox Calculator" folder and click on the setup.exe file. The program will be installed on your machine and will appear on your Start menu under "All programs". It may be removed by using the Windows "Add or Remove programs" utility found in the "Control Panel".

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