NASE Advanced Open Water Diver Video

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Video length: 60 minutes.
Downloadable: Yes


This video serves as an introduction to the NASE Advanced Open Water Diver Course. Move beyond basic Open Water Diver certification. As a student you can then enter the full course on equal footing with other divers, and be familiar with the skills development expectations from that of your NASE dive instructor.

To complement this video, a PDF eBook course manual can be viewed and downloaded here: NASE Advanced Open Water Diver Manual

Video Topics Include:

  • Competancy and Core Skills Defined
  • Mask Clearing
  • Regulator Recovery and Clearing
  • Gas Sharing
  • Alternate Air Source Configurations
  • Buoyancy Control


⭐ Always first consult with a qualified NASE Dive Instructor before using any information from this dive manual.

Next Step:

After watching the video and studying the course material, signup/enroll in a NASE Advanced Open Water Diver program near you.

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