Torque Converter

Download this free PDF document below.

Many motorcycle owners prefer to work on their own bike and perform their own maintenance. I do! Doing so allows the owner to learn and know thier bike, create a personal attachment to the bike, and saving a ton of money from the dealer. For those of us who prefer to do our own work, having a torque converter is indespensible.

Most motorcycle manuals will specify "lb/ft" or "in/ft" pounds in its instructions for torquing down a bolt, screw, or nut. However, your torque wrench may have only one setting, usually ft/lbs torque. That's where this converter will come in handy.

If you're using a ft/lbs torque wrench and your Service Manual specified in/lbs (or anything other than ft/lbs), simply convert the in/lbs to ft/lbs and write down the conversion in your manual. Then you'll have it for future reference when working on your bike without access to a computer.

For example, my Harley bike's owner manual specifies that the screws surrounding the Derby Cover should be torqued 25-75 in/lbs. Converting that into ft/lbs results in 2-6 pounds. Trying to torque those screws to 25 ft/lbs will surely strip them out. Having a precise torque converter such as this takes out guess work.