Motorcycle Storage Tips

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The purpose of this article is to provide tips for REDUCING DAMAGE to your motorcycle while it sits in storage for any length of time greater than 60-days.

Things you'll need:
• Motorcycle Engine Oil (see your Owner Manual for type and grade)
• Oil filter (see your Owner Manual for specific type and size)
• Battery Float Charger (NOT a trickle charger)
• Fuel Stabilizer
• Gasoline (91 octane or higher)
• WD-40 Lubricant (spray)
• Plastic shopping bags (such as the ones you get at Walmart)
• Thick Rubber bands (large enough to fit around you exhaust pipes)
• Petroleum Jelly
• Wax & Chrome polish

Prior to storage:
• Change your oil and oil filter. Doing so prior to storage will remove contaminants that can damage engine seals.
• Add Fuel Stabilizer and top off your fuel tank. The more air in your fuel tank means the more moisture that can accumulate, and the more it can rust inside-out.
• Remove the battery. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to both the battery posts and the connectors. This will prevent corrosion. Store the battery in a dry cool place, but NOT on concrete/metal surfaces (use a piece of cardboard or wood).
• Charge your battery to 100%, then attach a battery FLOAT CHARGER for the duration of storage. Do NOT use a trickle charger or standard battery charger more than 12 hours in any one month period. If you don't have a float charger, get one.
• A float charger maintains an existing charged battery. A trickle charger is continuously charging and will damage your motorcycle battery if left charging a fully charged battery.
• Spray a few light shots of WD-40 into your muffler pipes. Cover the ends with a plastic bag and seal with a rubber band. This will help prevent moisture from entering the engine block via the exhaust pipes. It also will help prevent interior rusting of your mufflers and exhaust pipes.
• Oil all components that need regular servicing such as chain, throttle cables, and springs.
• Wash, wax, and polish. Wash your bike to remove all dirt and grime, preventing damage to all surfaces (especially painted). Waxing and chrome polish helps protect against moisture damage (rust).
• Use a tire-shine. These are usually silicon based and will help resist moisture and prevent premature ageing.

• Cover your bike and store in a dry cool place. Don't cover your stored bike in a high-humidity environment, which accelerates rust.
• If possible use a bike stand to lift the bike from the floor. This will help prevent dry-rot & cracking to tires, and alleviate stress from the suspension.

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