MSF Motorcycle Operator Manual

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Riding a motorcycle is fun and can be a great means of transportation. But proper skills and knowledge are needed to ride safely in traffic conditions.

The Motorcycle Operator Manual contains tips and strategies to help riders manage risk. The manual was written for novices and designed for use in licensing programs, but there's great information for all two- and three-wheel motorcycle riders.

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Motorcycle Operator Manual

Topics of study include:

  • The Rider And The Motorcycle
  • Preparing To Ride
  • Ride Within Your Abilities
  • Being In Shape To Ride
  • Earning Your License Or Endorsement
  • Three-Wheel Supplement
  • Hand Signals
  • T-Clocs Pre-Ride Checklist

But the best way to learn to ride is through formal hands-on training, like with the MSF Basic RiderCourse, where you’ll learn how to properly operate a motorcycle

May the Lord bless you, your family, other riders, and keep you close. Peace be with you.

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