Symptoms of Fatigue While Riding

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The major symptoms of fatigue include slow reaction time, reduced awareness or vigilance, impaired memory, impaired decision-making, loss of situational awareness, and performance decrement.

Slow reaction time
• Braking hard to avoid a hazard
• Spilling drinks

Reduced awareness or vigilance
• Driving slower than normal
• Being surprised by a passing car
• Tailgating
• Not seeing deer or other road hazards

Impaired memory
• Passing a gas stop when low on fuel
Forgetting your wallet after fueling
• Forgetting your spouse's birthday call

Impaired decision-making
• Not stopping to rest when tired
• Taking an inappropriate route
• Inability to choose from a diner menu

Loss of situational awareness
• Failing to recognize a stop sign or signal
• Not putting the kickstand down
• Failing to put feet down when stopping
• Stopping in a high gear
• Failing to "go" when light changes
• Inserting eye drops while wearing glasses

Performance decrement
• Inability to calculate purchase amounts
• Inability to formulate routing plans
• Failing to communicate with riding buddies
• Fixating on a task

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