Motorcycle Basic Rider Course Handbook

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Published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) this basic rider course handbook provides a strong foundation to motorcycle riding habits and techniques. It's also and excellent reference source as a refresher for intermediate and advanced riders. I recommend learning and practicing everything this course offers, and re-read the handbook (entirely) at the beginning of each riding season.

"The MSF Basic [Course] focuses on the basic concepts of learning to ride a motorcycle. From identifying a motorcycle's controls to explaining how they work, the [Course] also details a motorcycle's basic operation, prepares the student to ride, provides strategies for common riding situations and more. Additionally, the [Course] outlines key safety concepts to promote responsible riding and risk-reducing behavior."   Motorcycle Safety Foundation

If you plan on riding with a passenger, it's strongly advised that the passenger also studies this handbook. You and the passenger can take turns reading through it and discussing each topic before moving on to the next chapter.

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