Ohio Survivorship Deed

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The filing of a deed in the State of Ohio is relatively simple: draw up a legal form of deed, sign in the presence of a notary public, file the deed with your county Recorder's Office, and pay a small filing fee (usually under $30).

The process of converting your existing deed (such as Quit Claim) into a Survivorship Deed is rather straightforward. The key language is detailed in a few select paragraphs.

This can save you and your family a ton of money and resolve a lot of headaches when you or your spouse passes on.

In the event that you do NOT have a Survivorship Deed, all assets belonging to the deceased will be thrown into Probate Court costing thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and requiring months to resolve.

Having a Survivorship Deed in place when one of the deed parties dies, the surviving party simply fills out a simple form (Affidavit of Surviving Spouse) and attaches a copy of the Death Certificate to have filed with the County Auditor's Office (County Recorder). That's it!

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