Making A Difference

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The only time the average citizen gets involved with social issues, economics, or politics is at Election time. Once every 4 years.

Now that the elections are over many will continue on with their daily lives, scheduled routines, and complain how bad this or that is. Yet these same people do nothing to make a difference other than to whine and complain.

Everybody wants the government to fix things. But they do nothing themselves.

Many things can be done by citizens, between elections, that make far more difference than the election results itself:

  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is open to membership and volunteers ... no one is turned away;
  • Community outreach programs are always seeking activists;
  • No one is stopping you from writing letters to congress or your State representative;
  • When you see corporations misbehaving, speak out and let them know. Share with them your 2 cents worth.
  • The Occupy movement always welcomes a new voice in the crowd;
  • The Red Cross needs blood donations;
  • The elderly couple down the street need their grass cut or a meal prepared;
  • The guy who's car broke down on the side of the road probably needs a ride;
  • The drug dealer standing out on the corner needs to be video taped and confronted.

Stand up for what you believe in (no matter what it is) and become socially active, outside of Facebook and Twitter. Make a difference!