MagicJack Tips and Tools

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If you're using or considering using MagicJack, here are some handy dandy tips and tools to get the most out it.

Connecting MagicJack to a land-line:

Most homes have existing hard wired telephone land-line connections with wall jacks. These are the same exact wall jacks that you'd connect any regular telephone to. The good news is that you can also connect your MagicJack Plus and feed the magicJack phone signal directly into your home's wall jacks. Doing so allows you to also connect a regular telephone to any existing phone jack located throughout your home. Thus you now won't be limited to using only one telephone handset.


  1. First setup your MagicJack Plus as instructed in the supplied Installation Manual.
  2. After setup is complete, plug in the supplied 110v-to-USB power adapter into a wall outlet.
  3. Now connect your MagicJack Plus into the 110v-to-USB adapter.
  4. Next, connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cord into your Router, and the second end of the Ethernet cord into your MagicJack Plus.
  5. Now connect any standard telephone cord into your MagicJack Plus, and connect the other end into any existing wall phone jack.
  6. You may now connect any telephone (including wireless handsets with a base) into any existing phone plug located throughout your home.
  7. Go to any phone in your house and verify everything is working. You should get a dial tone.
  8. TaaDaa. You're all done!

Is what makes this so easy is that most DSL routers come with a phone jack filer. On that filer one of connections goes to your DSL router, and the second you can plug a telephone into. It is this telephone connection you want to connect to your MagicJack Plus into.

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