MagicJack App for Windows, Upgrade

Download from the link below.

File size: 15 MB
File Type: Windows executable (.EXE)


MagicJack Upgrade screenshot
MagicJack Upgrade Software

If you've plugged your magicJack into a USB port on your computer and nothing happens, or you've received an Installation Error, you'll need the MagicJack Upgrade software to help get it going. Free MagicJack Upgrade software download below.

This magicJack Upgrade software will be needed if you've received an Installation Error while installing your magicJack device. The 'Installation Error' indicates there was an error with the automatic installation of your magicJack.

This magicJack Upgrade will also upgrade the firmware on your magicJack hardware device (if needed). Before installing this Upgrade, be sure to have your magicJack device plugged into a USB port on your PC.

Lastly, before applying this magicJack Software Upgrade, go to the control panel in Windows and click on 'Add/Remove Programs. Check for anything called musicmatch, musicmatch Jukebox or Yahoo Jukebox. If you have any, uninstall them because they conflict with the magicJack software drivers.

Download MagicJack Upgrade Software file.
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