Free MagicJack Download for Windows 8

Download free software for MagicJack Original, MagicJack Plus, and MagicJack Go.

For what ever reason(s) the developers and website administrators of MagicJack have made it a nightmare for customers to find Magicjack support for Windows 8. Ruth and I use Magicjack, frequently, saving a crap load of money on State and National phone calls. Our communications utility bills are now down to one DSL Internet service with no need for a separate land-line.

download magicjack below

Screenshot of MagicJack Software

When you first plug in your MagicJack or MagicJack Plus to a USB port on your Windows 8 based PC and nothing happens, you'll need the Windows 8 software to get it going. Searching solutions on the Web, none have easily worked and were far too complicated. So here we've created a very simple method. Download it and install! That easy!

So here is your solution...

Download MagicJack software MagicJack Download for Windows 8
File size: 12.9 MB. Contact us to report broken links