MagicJack App for Android Download

Download from the link below. File is in Android APK App form.

Free calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers - or to any magicJack number, anywhere in the world. MagicJack APP for Android does not require a voice plan. WiFi or 4G recommended. MagicJack APP is 100% FREE and does not require any purchase. You can use your Android device's stored contacts with the magicJack APP. Download magicJack APP today and start making FREE calls instantly.

MagicJack for Android
magicjack screenshot

Captain Tom and all his Crew use magicJack. The purpose of this web page is to help users of magicjack obtain a legitimate and genuine copy of the magicJack software because there is no software download link on the website.

Download MagicJack App for Android File size: 7.5 MB