Windows XP Default Settings for Services

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The following are Default Services settings for all Microsoft Windows XP versions: XP SP-1 and SP-2 and SP-3, XP Home, XP Professional, and XP Media Center Edition.

To access Services on your PC:
Click on Start, select Run, open services.msc and select OK.

Service Name   Startup Type  
Application Layer Gatewaymanual
Application Managementmanual
Automatic Updatesautomatic
Background Intelligent Transfer Servicemanual
COM+ Event Systemmanual
COM+ System Applicationmanual
Computer Browserautomatic
Cryptographic Servicesautomatic
DHCP Clientautomatic
Distributed Link Tracking Clientautomatic
Distributed Transaction Coordinatormanual
DNS Clientautomatic
Error Reportingautomatic
Event Logautomatic
Fast User Switching Compatibilitymanual
Help and Supportautomatic
Human Interface Device Accessdisabled
IMAPI CD-Burning COMmanual
Indexing Servicemanual
Internet Connection Sharingmanual
IPSec Servicesautomatic
Logical Disk Managerautomatic
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service     manual
MS Software Shadow Copy Providermanual
Net Logonautomatic
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharingmanual
Network Connectionsmanual
Network DDEmanual
Network DDE DSDMmanual
Network Location Awareness (NLA)manual
NT LM Security Support Providermanual
Performance Logs and Alertsmanual
Plug and Playautomatic
Portable Media Serial Numberautomatic
Print Spoolerautomatic
Protected Storageautomatic
QoS RSVPmanual
Remote Access Auto Connection Managermanual
Remote Access Connection Managermanual
Remote Desktop Help Session Managermanual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)automatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locatormanual
Remote Registryautomatic
Removable Storagemanual
Routing and Remote Accessmanual
Secondary Logonautomatic
Security Accounts Managerautomatic
Shell Hardware Detectionautomatic
Smart Cardmanual
Smart Card Helpermanual
SSDP Discoverymanual
System Event Notificationautomatic
System Restore Serviceautomatic
Task Schedulerautomatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helperautomatic
Terminal Servicesmanual
Uninterruptable Power Supplymanual
Universal Plug and Play Device Hostmanual
Upload Managerautomatic
Utility Managermanual
Volume Shadow Copymanual
Windows Audioautomatic
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)manual
Windows Installermanual
Windows Management Instrumentationautomatic
Windows Timeautomatic
Wireless Zero Configuration Serviceautomatic
WMI Performance Adapter manual

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