How to Make a Network Card Loopback Plug

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The following configuration should be followed to successfully create a Network Card Loopback plug. The purpose for creating this plug is to test if a NIC port is properly working, or not. The NIC card port to be tested must be equipped with a green ON indicator light for visual feedback.

  1. Starting with an RJ45 module and 6-8 inches on CAT5 cable, strip the wires and insert the wires into the module. Crimp.
    Or you can use a CAT5 cable with the connector already attached.
  2. Strip the exposed cable end of the CAT5 cable (end without the jack), connecting pin wire #1 to pin wire #3.
  3. Then connect pin wire #2 to pin wire #6.
  4. Tape the exposed wire ends so they're not exposed.
  5. Plug the jack into the NIC port and you should receive a GREEN light if the port is good, or ORANGE (or no light) if the port is bad.

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