Laptop Repair Complete Guide, eBook

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This Laptop Repair Complete Guide (eBook) is written to teach the average technically inclined individual how to successfully repair their own laptop, or even learn enough to make it a career.

Suitable for all age groups and learning levels. This book was written to allow a better understanding as to how exactly a laptop can fail and how an individual such as yourself, can troubleshoot, diagnose and properly repair any laptop.

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Laptop Repair Complete Guide eBook

The Laptop Repair Complete Guide is invaluable to both the layman and the professional PC Repair Technician.

Chapters include:

  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Common Parts And Functions
  • Installing Operating Systems
  • Complete Disassembly
  • Laptop Screen Disassembly Instructions
  • Laptop Screen Types
  • Laptop Not Powering On Issues
  • Liquid Spill Discussion
  • Cleaning The Motherboard
  • Fan And Heat-Sink Assembly
  • Thermal Paste Usage
  • Reflowing The GPU
  • and lots more...

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