Laptop Battery Care & Maintenance Tips

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To ensure proper operation, maximum running capacity, and longest life please follow these steps:

New Battery Break-In Process

  1. When you first receive a new battery it should be charged overnight with the computer turned off before use.
  2. Once charged, you should discharge the battery until the computer reports that the battery is low.
  3. Allow the battery to cool for 30 minutes or until cool to the touch.
  4. Recharge the battery in accordance with your computer's manual.
  5. Repeat this process for a total of 3 charge/discharge cycle.

Note: A new battery is difficult for your computer to charge and the charging circuit may misread the battery status when a new battery is first charged. This will cause the computer to stop charging the battery after a few minutes. lf this happens, remove the battery from your computer and re-install it to reset the charge cycle.

Maintaining Your New Battery

Rundown and recharge the battery at least every few weeks. This will keep the battery operating at peak performance and will keep the charge level indicator in the battery accurate. If a battery is stored inside the computer and much used, the action of battery self-discharge and computer recharge will wear out the battery quickly. In some cases, continuously charging a battery and never using it can wear out a new battery in as little as a few months.

If the battery or computer will not be used for one month, remove the battery from the computer and store it in a cool, dry location away from metal objects. When the battery is removed from storage, you should follow the instruction for a new battery to charge and recondition the battery.

For safety reasons you should NOT short circuit the battery, drop it, expose to extreme temperatures or fire, attempt open the battery's case, or use it in any device other than the device for which it was designed. All of these actions may create personal safety hazards.

Please read your computer manufacturer's instruction for installing, handing, charging, and operating your battery. These instructions will be more specific to your application. lf there is any conflict between your manufacturer's instructions and the following information, follow the instructions provided by your computer's manufacturer.

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