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Software we highly recommend. Download 'em all. Free. Fully functional. Not trial versions. Not samples, nor demo's. Virus free! No spyware. No malware, or other kinds of crap and bullshit.

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  1. Utilities and software for productivity is what the Treasure Chest is all about; there's plenty of other places to find free games.
  2. The number-one criteria for inclusion here in the Treasure Chest is that the article, program, app, or document has to be available directly from the author.
  3. First, and most important, software/utility/application/app/document cannot pose substantial risk to the user of virus, malware, or spyware infection.
  4. Documents (such as PDF) cannot contain embedded tracking or advertisements.
  5. Software must be Windows-based and available for free download.
  6. The software program should have little or no advertising embedded to support it. Some preemium software depends on showing ads to exist, however.
  7. If the software or app is based upon a tiered sales model, the free version cannot be trial-ware that doesn't work after a fixed period of time.

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