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Welcome to the first Scottish Recovery Workbook. This workbook is a gift from the recovery movement in Scotland, to people in early recovery from addictions everywhere. Our gift, like recovery itself, is free to you.

We created this workbook together because we want to give something back to the communities that suffered from the effects of our addictions. We want to do that by helping you and more people like us to recover from addictions. Our recovery stories, experiences and reflections are just that; our stories. They are not meant to tell you what to do. If they give you ideas that you might want to put into practice in your own life then that’s great. If they don’t we hope you find something that does work for you.

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Scottish Recovery Workbook


  • Introduction
  • Recovery
  • Accepting Help
  • Withdrawal
  • Triggers
  • Helpful Recovery Routines
  • Abstinence
  • Feelings
  • Belonging
  • Changing Self-Identity
  • Family In Early Recovery
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Resources

The workbook has 11 sections and you can do the sections in any order that works for you. In general the issues tackled become more complex as you move from the front of the book to the back.

Each section begins with a current recovery story from someone in Scotland in recovery from addictions right now, and they are chosen for their relevance to the theme being tackled in each section.

In each section there are also exercises for you to develop your thinking and feeling and reflections around the themes. Write in the book- it is for you after all.

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