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AA Living Sober

In this book, Living Sober, Alcoholics Anonymous tells only some methods used for living without drinking. Living Sober is one of the Alcoholics Anonymous more practical guides. Rather than simply sharing stories, this book offers real guidance for living a life free of alcohol.

After you spent a few months practicing these new, sober habits or ways of acting and thinking, they'll becoame almost second nature to most of us, as drinking used to be. Not drinking has become natural and easy, not a long, dreary struggle.

These practical, hour-by-hour methods covered in Living Sober can easily be used at home, at work, or in social gatherings. Also included in the book are several things AA's have learned not to do, or to avoid. These were things that, we now see, once tempted us to drink or otherwise endangered our recovery.

We think you'll find many or even all of the suggestions discussed here valuable in living sober, with comfort and ease. There is nothing significant about the order in which the booklet presents them. They can be rearranged in any way you like that works. Nor is this a complete listing.

Practically every AA member you meet can give you at least one more good idea not mentioned here. And you will probably come up with brand-new ones that work for you. We hope you pass them on to others who can also profit by them.

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