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The mission of thomas-n-ruth.com is to provide our website visitors with rich, quality, easy to access content in free PDF downloadable formats. For Captain Tom, this website is a personal mission having more than 10+ years of investment in time building and maintaining it.

All our hosted PDF and application files are available as direct downloads to the website visitor, FREE -- no cost, hastle free, nothing to register or sign up for. Click, download, done! Easy and uncomplicated.

The security and privacy of all our website guests (you) are of first and foremost importance. Downloadable content (files) are scanned daily by Google Drive security server applications, and at the point of download request. We guaranteed all content to be free of virus, malware, or other malevolent utilities.

Topics of our specialized content include Scuba diving, Motorcycle safety & maintence, Addiction & recovery, Computer repair, PDF templates for home & office, and Web design.

May the Lord bless you and your family in abundance (which is also free). Amen

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Software, Apps, & Documents We Support

  1. First, and most important, all software/utility/application/apps/documents cannot pose any substantial risk of virus, malware, or spyware infection to our website visitors who download our hosted content.
  2. Utilities and software for productivity is what the Treasure Chest is all about; there's plenty of other places to find free games, but this is not the place.
  3. The number-one criteria for an inclusion here in the Treasure Chest is that the article, program, app, or document has to be available directly from the author.
  4. Documents (such as PDF) cannot contain embedded tracking or advertisements.
  5. Software must be Windows-based and available for free download.
  6. The software program should have little or no advertising embedded to support it. Some preemium software depends on showing ads to exist, however.
  7. If the software or app is based upon a tiered sales model, the free version cannot be trial-ware that doesn't work after a fixed period of time.

Captain Tom & Ruth Katherine
Captain Tom & Ruth Katherine

Captain Tom & First Mate

On a personal note... Captain Tom & his First Mate, Ruth Katherine, met in 2000 in a Yahoo Internet chat room. Ruth was employed as a Nurses Aid (STNA) and Captain Tom was in a Business Management career.

In 2003 they were married at St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn Ohio. After marriage, Captain Tom entered technical training of A+ certification for computer repair, while Ruth continued her career as a STNA at various nursing homes for disabled persons in northeast Ohio.

Captain Tom completed his A+ Certification in late 2003 and leaped into a private business as an entrepreneur. The computer repair and refurbishing business became so successful that Ruth changed her STNA career and joined Captain Tom full time. Refurbishing & repairing computers, selling them at affordable prices to lower income families was both lucrative and personally rewarding.

The best day of Captain Tom's life

In June 2016 Captain Tom & Ruth spent 7 days riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each of those 7 days were the BEST day of Captain Tom's life, spent with his wife, Ruth Katherine.

Captain Tom & Ruth are Harley riders.

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