About Us

Tom & Ruth met in 2000 in a Yahoo internet chat room. Ruth was emplopyed as a Nurses Aid (STNA) and Tom was in a Business Management career.

Tom completed his A+ Certification in 2002 and leaped into a private business as an entrepreneur. The computer repair and refurbishing business became so successful that Ruth changed her STNA career and joined Tom full time. Refurbishing & repairing computers, selling them at affordable prices to lower income families was both lucrative and personally rewarding.

In 2003 married at St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn Ohio. After marriage, Tom entered technical training for computer repair while Ruth continued her career as a STNA at various nursing homes in northeast Ohio.

Tom & Ruth are Harley riders.

The best day of Tom's life: In June 2016 Tom & Ruth spent 7 days riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each of those 7 days were the BEST day of Tom's life, spent with his wife, Ruth Katherine.

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