MagicJack for MAC OS X - Download

Tom and Ruth use Magicjack frequently, saving a ton of money on State and National phone calls. Our communications utility bills are now down to one High Speed Internet service (DSL). However, the developers and administrators of MagicJack have made it a nightmare for customers to find Magicjack software support. We're here to help.

download magicjack for Mac below

Screenshot of MagicJack for Mac

When you first plug in your MagicJack or MagicJack Plus into a USB port on your Apple Mac and nothing happens, you'll need the Mac driver software to get it going. Searching solutions on the Web, none have easily worked and were far too complicated. So here we've created a very simple method.

Here's your solution: Download it and install. That easy!

Download MagicJack for Mac DMG download